Brand Development Story

The Biglite Logo


The Client

Biglite Illuminaires, NOIDA (India)


Lighting, Home Furnishing

The Challenge

Our challenge was to design a logo which would be vibrant, unique and simple.  They especially wanted to have a reflection of a ‘bulb’ within their logo.  

The client had ventured into the LED light manufacturing industry about a year ago.  In the name of brand image, they just had a text ‘BIGLITE’ running through all their promotional material.

Their business was moving but not flourishing the way in which they would have liked it to. One someone’s suggestion they decided to go for a logo and approached us.

We listened to their requirements, understood their objectives, got a clear idea about their target customers and then started working on their logo.  Have a look at the progress which ultimately zeroed down to the above logo of Biglite. 


The 1st Cut

Our first attempt was this. B in the shape of a bulb and L inside it. The client liked it but not so much. We had to redesign.

The 2nd Cut

We came up with this design. Navy Blue blocks forming the shape of B and Light Blue ones the shape of L. It did not have a bulb but our idea was to show the decoration that lights do. The client liked it but again, not so much. We had to make another attempt.


The 3rd Cut

Our third attempt was this design. A 'g' reflecting a glowing bulb. The client liked it very much. However, when someone in our design team pointed out the similarity of the stars inside the bulb with that of 'Philips', we took his observation and changed it with two white blocks. Then with few more tweaks we came up to the expectations of the client.



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