Brand Development Story

The Dr Monga Medi Clinic Logo

logo dr monga clinic

The Client

Dr Monga Medi Clinic



The Challenge

The challenge for us was to design a logo which would instantly give an impression of health services. It had to be simple yet complete.  The Client especially wanted to have the first letter of their brand within their logo.  

They are into integrated healthcare services (Ayurveda+Allopath) for over seven decades and now they wanted to look modern while still promoting the goodness of Ayurveda.  The client had a logo which was outdated and hardly conveyed any meaningful message. 

We understood their requirements, their objectives, and got a clear idea about their target customers and then started working on their logo. 

Have a look at their earlier logo and then what we designed for them.

Old Logo

This was their old logo.

dr monga clinic old logo

Options we gave

Selected One

After deliberating over the options that we gave, the Client finally zeroed in on this logo which looked elegant, simple and meaningful.

dmc new logo


The Client also wanted its brand name and tagline included in the logo for which we designed the next image which was finalised by them as their logo.

logo dr monga clinic

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